IMD Smart City Index Report 2023

IMD Smart City Index 2023 Introduction: AMore Precise, Relevant and Impactful Smart City Index

From 118 to 141 Cities The coverage of the SCI and SCI Report has increased by 20 per cent to include 141 cities (previously 118 were measured), distributed across the world. This reflects the SCI ’s ongoing efforts to be a global index, and to facilitate the benchmarking of all kinds of cities, whatever their size or level of development. This year, we have made a concerted effort to include more capital cities from all continents, while keeping an eye on ‘second-tier cities’ showing signs of dynamism, and an appetite for designing and implementing innovative solutions to their key problems.

Welcome to the 2023 edition of the IMD Smart City Index Report (SCI Report). This edition marks a significant step in the history of this report, which has now acquired global recognition and respect. After a break in 2022, three major changes have been brought to the Index and accompanying report. 1 The World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO) has joined us as a knowledge partner; 2 The number of cities in the SCI has significantly increased; and 3 The SCI’s methodology has been improved thanks to the acquisition of new data.

Each of these changes has significant consequences. They make us even more enthusiastic about the impact and relevance of the Index, and about its future. Here’s why: A New Knowledge Partner

The World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO), is a membership-based international

association of local governments, smart tech solution providers, and institutions committed to the transformation of cities into smart, sustainable cities through facilitating public-private partnerships (PPP). It was founded by 50 member cities in 2010 as the World e-Governments Organization, hence the acronym. However, as the concept of “smart cities” continued evolving, during the 4th General Assembly (2017) WeGO expanded its mandate and changed its name to the World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization. For its members, WeGO serves as an international platform to improve the quality of life, innovate in the delivery of public services, and strengthen regional competitiveness. The WeGO network currently includes over 200 cities, 26 are covered by this edition of the SCI index and report. WeGO as a partner strives to support the development of human centered cities and progress in seeking solutions to smart city challenges. WeGO’s vision is set in the direction of mitigating the digital divide by providing smart cities with a guideline through the smart city index.

IMD Smart City Index 2023


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