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Channel NewsAsia , 26 August 2020

Joshi, Amit M.

Why doesn't India have as many tech unicorns as China does? Addressing ethical problems before they blow up Te contamos cuáles son las seis habilidades que utilizan los ejecutivos para resolver conflictos How to keep up employee morale during a difficult holiday season Organisation de grands événements : Le dessous des chiffres Business supply chain strategies are evolving, can poor countries benefit? Real learning, Real impact How our cellphone location data can save us from a COVID-19 recession Politics used to create the stability needed for business growth. That has now changed The eye-watering costs of postponing the Tokyo Olympics Coronavirus: Hybrid response of speed and resilience works in virus fight Hackathon, la nouvelle culture d’entreprise

Joshi, Amit M.

Shanghai Daily- Shine , 12 August 2020 Diario Jornada , 30 December 2020

Kohlrieser, George

Quartz , 24 November 2020

Kohlrieser, George

Yahoo! Finance

Lavanchy, Maude

HEC Alumni Magazine , 15 January 2020

Lehmann, Fabrice; Cordon, Carlos

Trade for Development News , 8 October 2020

Tomorrow's Challenges

Manzoni, Jean-François; Borgeaud Pierazzi, Anne- France; Neutuch, Eric

EFMD Global Focus, June 2020 , vol. 14, issue 2, pp. 4-8 Tribune de Genève , 14 May 2020, p. 2

EFMD Global Focus: Edicion en castellano, EFMD Global Focus Chinese

Muhdi, Louise

Fast Company , 21 March 2020

Piskorski, Mikolaj Jan; Joshi, Amit M. Global Center for Digital Business Transformation Reinmoeller, Patrick

Channel NewsAsia , 30 October 2020

Channel NewsAsia , 29 March 2020

Reinmoeller, Patrick

The Straits Times , 26 March 2020

Reinmoeller, Patrick


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