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The Conversation , 29 October 2020

Wade, Michael R.; Teracino, Elizabeth A. Global Center for Digital Business Transformation

Ant Group is holding the biggest IPO of all time – here’s what it is

Manila Metro, Tajikistan News, Venezuela Star, Argentina Star, Sierra Leone Times, Big News Network. com, Hong Kong Herald, International Travel News, Nigeria Sun, Dhaka Tribune, EconoTimes,, Mexico Star, Yahoo! News, Barbados News. Net

The Conversation , 6 April 2020

Yaziji, Michael

How economies can survive a period of ‘suspended animation’ to deal with coronavirus

Yahoo! Finance, The National Interest

The Conversation , 10 August 2020

Yu, Howard H.

TikTok and Microsoft: Government

Channel NewsAsia, InsideRetail., EconoTimes,, The National Interest,, Reaction. life

agendas are driving businesses like no time since WW2 – here’s what they can do about it

The Conversation , 22 December 2020

Changing the rules to control monopolies could see the end of Facebook domination

Yu, Howard H.; Boutalikakis, Angelo IMD Center for Future Readiness

Phil's Stock World, Yahoo! News, Qrius, The Street, ExBulletin, EconoTimes, Caribbean Business

The Jerusalem Post , 17 August 2020

Ben-Hur, Shlomo; Blum, Brian

High-tech hopes - addressing Israel’s engineering shortage Addressing full digital transformation challenges Reflections on a decade of digital transformation La nueva agenda: Apódosis ¡Bienvenidos a 2020: piensa de nuevo! Singapore, Helsinki and Zurich top global smart city index WEF's annual Davos meeting is coming to Singapore. That move should be permanent

Bonnet, Didier

Shanghai Daily- Shine , 14 August 2020

Which-50 Media , 29 January 2020

Bonnet, Didier

Information & Data Manager, The Digital Transformation People

Diario Financiero , 14 May 2020 Diario Financiero , 17 January 2020

Boscheck, Ralf

Boscheck, Ralf

BBrief , 22 September 2020

Bris, Arturo

Channel NewsAsia , 11 December 2020

Bris, Arturo

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