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Watkins, Michael D.; Chastain, Andrew P.

5 challenges facing insider CEOs – and how to overcome them

Tomorrow's Challenges , March 2020

Harvard Business Review (original) , Fö, Kauppalehti, Forbes India, HBRTaiwan. com, HBRTurkiye. com

Watkins, Michael D.; Yaziji, Michael

COVID-19: People and organizations under pressure

Tomorrow's Challenges , April 2020 Tomorrow's Challenges , March 2020 Tomorrow's Challenges , March 2020

Wedell-Wedellsborg, Merete Psychology skills for leaders navigating through the waves of the corona crisis

What a pioneering nineteenth-century female consultant can teach us about the future of work

Yokoi, Tomoko Global Center for Digital Business Transformation Yokoi, Tomoko Global Center for Digital Business Transformation

How to collaborate better with startups

Tomorrow's Challenges , February 2020

The Enterprisers Project (original)

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In the field with Coesia In the Field , No. 1, 2020

Challagalla, Goutam; Keller-Birrer, Valerie

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In the Field , No. 3, 2020

Narasimhan, Anand; Huang, Shih-Han

In the field with Scandic Hotels

In the Field , No. 4, 2020

Turpin, Dominique

In the field with Avon

In the Field , No. 2, 2020

Weeks, John R.; Keller- Birrer, Valerie

In the field with Eli Lilly

In the Field , No. 5, 2020

Widz, Marta; Ward, John L.

In the field with Beretta

IMD Global Family Business Center

In the Field , No. 6, 2020

In the field with Ping An

IMD-7-2138 / IMD-7-2243 / IMD-7-2244: Ping An: How a Chinese insurance firm became a tech giant (A) (B) (C)

Yu, Howard H.; Feng, Yunfei IMD Center for Future Readiness


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