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Parmiggiani, Elena; Teracino, Elizabeth A.; Huysman, Marleen; Jones, Matthew; Mueller, Benjamin; Mikalsen, Marius Global Center for Digital Business Transformation Raff, Stefan; Wentzel, Daniel; Obwegeser, Nikolaus Global Center for Digital Business Transformation

OASIS 2019 panel report: A glimpse at the “post-digital”

Communications of the Association for Information Systems , December 2020, vol. 47, article 29, pp. 583-596, vol47/iss1/29/ Journal of Product Innovation Management , September 2020, vol. 7, issue 5, pp. 379- 404, jpim.12544 Quantitative Economics , November 2020, vol. 11, no. 4, pp. 1215-1251, https://doi. org/10.3982/QE960 European Journal of Operational Research , September 2020, vol. 285, issue 3, pp. 1058- 1076, ejor.2020.02.019 Frontiers in Psychology , July 2020, vol. 11, article 1473, fpsyg.2020.01473 Journal of Strategy and Management , July 2020, vol. 13, number 4, pp. 495-501, https:// 2020-0116 MIS Quarterly Executive , September 2020, vol. 19, issue 3, pp. 213-220, https://aisel.

Smart products: Conceptual review, synthesis, and research directions

Renner, Philipp; Schmedders, Karl Discrete-time dynamic principal–agent models: Contraction mapping theorem and computational treatment

Timonina-Farkas, Anna; Katsifou, Argyro; Seifert, Ralf W.

Product assortment and space allocation strategies to attract loyal and non-loyal customers

Vriend, Tim; Said, Ramzi; Janssen, Onne; Jordan, Jennifer

The dark side of relational leadership: Positive and negative reciprocity as fundamental drivers of follower’s intended pro-leader and pro-self unethical behavior Lifting the lid on disruption fever

Wade, Michael R.; Bonnet, Didier; Shan, Jialu

Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation, but may have made it harder not easier

Wade, Michael R.; Shan, Jialu

Global Center for Digital Business Transformation


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