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Cairns-Lee, Heather

Researching intuition through metaphor

Sinclair, Marta (Ed.) Handbook of intuition research as practice, pp. 282-292 / Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020 Dörfler, Viktor (Ed.); Stierand, Marc (Ed.) Handbook of research methods on creativity, pp. 209-224 / Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020 Pfeffermann, Nicole (Ed.) New leadership in strategy and communication, pp. 37-45 / New York: Springer, 2020 Crainer, Stuart (Ed.) / Ecosystems Inc.: Understanding, harnessing and developing organizational ecosystems, pp. 38-45 / Wargrave: Thinkers50 Limited, 2020 Crainer, Stuart (Ed.) / Ecosystems Inc.: Understanding, harnessing and developing organizational ecosystems, pp. 79-86 / Wargrave: Thinkers50 Limited, 2020 De Cremer, David (Ed.); McKern, Bruce (Ed.); McGuire, Jack (Ed.) The Belt and Road Initiative, pp. 236-257 / New Delhi: SAGE, 2020 Mendenhall, Mark E. (Ed.); Žilinskaitė, Milda (Ed.); Stahl, Günter K. (Ed.); Clapp-Smith, Rachel (Ed.) Responsible global leadership: Dilemmas, paradoxes, opportunities, pp. 120-136 / New York: Routledge, 2020 Buchanan, David A.; Huczynski, Andrzej A. Organizational behaviour, pp. 542-543 / New York: Pearson, 2020 Jelassi, Tawfik; Martínez-López, Francisco J. Strategies for e-Business, pp. 583-603 / Cham: Springer, 2020 Haeuselmann, Christian (Ed.) Suisse 2291: Dialogue pour le future, pp. 43-45 / Thun/Gwatt: WeberVerlag, 2020 Hirono, Ayako (Ed.), 世界最高峰の経営教 室 , pp. 263-285 / Tokyo: Nikkei Business Publishing, 2020

Cairns-Lee, Heather

Metaphor: Key to enhancing meta-creativity and researcher reflexivity Do you have the right profiles in your C-suite for an effective transformation?

Deschamps, Jean-Philippe

Fischer, William A.

Ecosystems as an engine for innovation and learning

Greeven, Mark J.

The end of strategy in business ecosystems?

Greeven, Mark J.

Globalizing innovation ecosystem, entrepreneurs and the digital silk road

Jonsen, Karsten; Levy, Orly; Toegel, Ina; van Zanten, Josefine

The role of inclusion in responsible global leadership

Karim, Samina; Girod, Stéphane J. G.

Reorganization – restructure or reconfigure?

Leleux, Benoit F.; Jelassi, Tawfik Dallara Automobili: Transforming a racing legend

Turpin, Dominique

Le futur n’est vraiment plus ce qu’il était [The future is really no longer what it was - French] デジタルマーケティング アジ ャイルな経営は「謙虚なリーダ ー」を求める [Digital marketing: The power of agile leadership - Japanese]

Turpin, Dominique


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