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Bris, Arturo; Cabolis, Christos; Pistis, Marco; Zargari, Maryam

IMD world competitiveness yearbook: 2020

International Institute for Management Development, 2020

IMD World Competitiveness Center

High performance boards: Improving and energizing your governance Strategies for e-Business: Concepts and cases on value creation and digital business transformation

Wiley, 2020

Cossin, Didier

IMD Global Board Center

Jelassi, Tawfik; Martinez-Lopez, Francisco J.

Springer International Publishing, 2020

Seifert, Ralf W.; Markoff, Richard The digital supply chain challenge: Breaking through

International Institute for Management Development, 2020 International Institute for Management Development, 2020

Family philanthropy navigator

Vogel, Peter; Eichenberger, Etienne; Kurak, Malgorzata

IMD Global Family Business Center

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Abadir, Sameh; Olynec, Natalia; Widz, Marta

The sustainability initiative at IMD Business School, Switzerland

Halkias, Daphne (Ed.); Neubert, Michael (Ed.); Thurman, Paul W. (Ed.); Adendorff, Chris (Ed.); Abadir, Sameh (Ed.) The innovative business school: Mentoring today’s leaders for tomorrow’s global challenges, pp. 69-79 / London: Routledge, 2020 Developing and using executive authority / Cambridge: MIT Sloan Management Review, 2020 HBR's 10 must reads on creativity / Boston: Harvard Business Review Press, 2020 Jackson, Emil (Ed.); Berkeley, Andrea (Ed.) Sustaining depth and meaning in school leadership / Abingdon: Routledge, 2020 Henley and Partners investment migration programs 2020: The definitive comparison of the leading global residence and citizenship programs (5th ed.), pp. 38-41 / New York: Ideos Publishing, 2020

Barsoux, Jean-Louis; Bouquet, Cyril

Overcome a power deficit

Bouquet, Cyril; Barsoux, Jean- Louis; Wade, Michael R.

Bring your breakthrough ideas to life

Bryant, Ben

Learning leadership: Lessons from the top

Country competitiveness, talent acquisition, and residence programs

Caballero, José

IMD World Competitiveness Center


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