Executives are facing constant shock therapy from economic, geopolitical, and technological upheaval. Crisis-based innovation is a tool to not just survive, but thrive. PATRICK REINMOELLER Professor of Strategy and Innovation Q&A →Strategy NAVIGATING THE AGE OF ‘PERMACRISIS’ WHAT IS YOUR HOT TOPIC? Inflation is soaring inexorably upwards. The global post- war order is unravelling. And there is no facet of business that technology is not upending. This hugely costly instability is now becoming entrenched, and it poses an existential threat to the commercial sector. In this “permacrisis” age, merely surviving is the baseline. Emerging from a crisis stronger is what characterizes resilient companies. WHY DOES IT MATTER NOW? Business leaders are facing global stress tests and, if the events of the past couple of years are any kind of yardstick, they will need to become accustomed to yet more blows to come. How to gain strength in crises is often not well understood. Crisis-based innovation provides a blueprint for understanding this.



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