In times of uncertainty, noticing, effectively addressing, and working with emotions in yourself and others will improve business results. SILKE MISCHKE Senior Executive Coach Q&A →Leadership HARNESSING EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE TO BOOST LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS WHAT IS YOUR HOT TOPIC? Emotional abilities increase leadership effectiveness, help define leadership style, and contribute to team performance. Leaders who demonstrate emotional empathy are perceived as more effective communicators. By creating an environment of psychological safety — in which people can speak up without fear of being punished or humiliated — such leaders also improve levels of trust in their team. WHY DOES IT MATTER NOW? In times of heightened uncertainty, such as today, it is more important than ever to know how to effectively work and lead with emotions. Highly effective leaders listen to their emotions and include them in their decision-making process. Such leaders demonstrate how being emotionally connected empowers their team to face challenges and outperform in highly complex environments.



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