Despite market woes, digital assets have the potential to transform traditional business models, facilitate different forms of financing, and monetize physical and intellectual capital.

Keynote highlights

These were the key takeaways from Tuesday’s keynote address delivered by Arturo Bris, Professor of Finance and Director of IMD World Competitiveness Center. The move to a tokenized economy has already spawned new business models. Brave is an opt-in advertising platform that rewards users for putting up with marketing. In exchange for paying attention, they earn 70% of the ad revenue that Brave makes, in the form of Basic Attention Tokens. Users can withdraw their BAT in cash.

The value of cryptocurrencies may have slumped in what has been dubbed the “crypto winter”, but corporations can still make good use of the potential applications of digital assets. Digital tokens that represent virtual and physical assets can facilitate access to capital for issuers, spur digital business model innovation, and enable individuals and businesses to monetize their own physical and intellectual capital.

ARTURO BRIS Professor of Finance and Director of IMD World Competitiveness Center



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