It’s crucial to choose what to do, and what not to do, when scaling a business.

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Identify ambitious but reasonable goals, and detail the resources you need.

Organizational design remains key. Translate strategy into the appropriate structure and operational mechanisms. Then, monitor day-to- day progress.


That choice is at the heart of their ability to align growth and performance. Their growth journeys provide relevant insights for other companies looking to grow in a sustainable and balanced way.

WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION? Across all sectors, there are examples of companies that choose to grow less than their potential; just take the examples of Trader Joe’s in grocery retail or Brunello Cucinelli in luxury fashion. They chose to preserve the DNA of their respective companies and ensure that every step of their growth process is aligned with their core values, while preserving their value proposition.

GRACIOUS GROWTH: MANAGING THE TRADE-OFF BETWEEN SUSTAINABILITY AND EXPANSION By Niccolò Pisani, Tahiru Azaaviele Liedong, Paolo Taticchi, Tazeeb Rajwani (I by IMD, 12 May, 2022)



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