Cities in a Time of Global Emergencies

Cities in a time of global emergencies xii

In this second book, we examined the specific context of each city and how they chose to respond to the problems they faced, within the limits of their own technological capabilities and circumstances. Some did better than others, but all brought additional knowledge and experience to the complex equation of the future of cities. What do we glean from the ten studies about governance of the smart city and how each city applied smartness or what they thought was smart? The identification of commonalities and differences is at the core of this book. They are addressed in its first chapter. We hope that you enjoy reading it. We look forward to your feedback.

Professor Chan Heng Chee Chair (September 2012–14 June 2021; Professor 15 June 2021–) Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities

Dr Bruno Lanvin President IMD-WCC Smart City Observatory

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